First Listen: Skatebård – Cd Iii


Skatebård, known IRL as Bård Aasen Lødemel, has an eye for the epic. Half of the songs on CD III are over seven minutes long, and they're densely woven, slowly unfurling experiments with synth sequencing and rhythmic layering. In the centre of the venn diagram where krautrock, italo, and acid ruminations converge, Bård sits contentedly, nodding along with the chugs and thuds.

Lead single 'Farver Flimrer' has an air of the balearic about it, a laid back, reverb-heavy sunrise song, built from panpipes and tubular bells, foggy with effects. Elsewhere on the record we've got rolling, thrumming basslines, only a half-step away from some kind of Moroder clone ('Palais D'Amour', 'Donko Donko'), laid back, new-age, meditative arpeggiation ('Sequence 2'), and something which in parts comes gleefully close to unapologetically vulgar 90s rave ('Why Not').

It's a huge record, perhaps too huge. But still, gift horse and all that. It's thoughtful, infectious dance music, generously portioned and available through Balsa Wood from 23rd October.