First Aid Kit Stream Stay Gold Album


It's Monday morning, the baby has had me up since 4am and I feel like groggy, grumpy shit. It turns out that the new album stream from Swedish duo First Aid Kit is a pretty effective antidote – whistful, unashamed country with an 80s AM Radio sheen and more than a hint of the Balaeric about it, 'Stay Gold' stands up on the basis of excellent songwriting. There's little in the way of studio trickery, or indeed any nods to modernity – and thankfully First Aid Kit don't feel obliged to imitate Haim's contrived attempts to crowbar in smug, zeitgeist-y 90s RnB references. Instead you get a collection of smart timeless pop, lying somewhere between 'Rocks' era Primal Scream and Dolly Parton at her lip quivering best. If you'd played it to me on Friday night I wouldn't have got more than 2 songs in, but with a bad head and tired eyes, this is working wonders… 

Stream in full here, and listen to recent single 'My Silver Lining' below: