Fiction Curiosity


In the manner of a many legged caterpillar unfurling into a vibrant floating butterfly (its summer, alright ? Im allowed a shitty metaphor if I so wish–) Offset festival have evolved into Offset the record label. And first to receiving the blessing of what feels likely to be the next underground label du jour are London post punk youths Fiction. The way Offsets press tells it, Fiction mix all the finest elements of XTC, Talking Heads and Orange Juice with a dash of Foals and a pinch of Yeasayer. Well, thats a pretty fair and honest description- Curiosity is all jangling jerking riff wiggles, cheeky slinking bass, syncopated dual drums and knowing vocalsWho killed the cat ?// I did, they chant. What the press release doesnt tell us is that singer/ drummer/ keyboardist Mike has confessed to a massive and abiding love of late 90s stadium trance, complete with pilgrimages to the Fridge. Apparently you can hear this influence in some of their tracks. Maybe so but Im fucked if I can hear it on Curiosity, Mike, and not for want of trying. Regardless this is a great first single from both band and label, and Id say a pretty good investment of 3.99. Buy it while you can.

Heres a video of the b side.

Ian Mcquaid

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