Few Nolder Next Up On Clouded Vision B/W Kiwi Remix


Clouded Vision – R$N previous Label Loves – have just announced Lithuanian wonder kid Linas Strockis aka Few Nolder next up on their release roster.

After releasing one of the biggest remixes on the label so far (of Dark Strands' Basic Condition), the producer is back with a full length EP, backed with a remix from East London’s new kid on the block – and also preview R$N Mix-er (lot of trumpet blowing going on here R$N!!), Kiwi.

Few Nolder's debut album released on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu way back in 2009 and has been Matt Walsh (CV label head) ever since. 

Dark, minimal synths, growling basslines and dancefloor funk. Clouded Vision through and through.

No public previews yet but check back on Clouded Vision Soundcloud soon for more.

Release Date: 26th May 2014


1. Few Nolder – Female Techno (Original) 
2. Few Nolder – Temper (Original)
3. Few Nolder – Saw Me (Original Mix) 
4. Few Nolder – Female Techno (Kiwi Remix)