Fatcat’s 130701 Relaunch With New Signings


After three years of deathly silence, FatCat's 130701's coming to life. Having been initially set up as an outlet for Set Fire To Flames, the imprint now deals with some of the most recognisable names in post-classical field like Golden Globe winner/Oscar nominee Johann Johannsson, Max Ritchter and Sylvain Chauveau. Looking to expand the repertoire, the signing of several new artists inject new blood into the newly resurrected imprint which will come to life much like Imhotep in The Mummy (large and full of life, not sandy and covered in bandages). 

The new releases on the album preceed it's 15th anniversary next year making for a welcome reinvigoration in the post-classical scene. Dmitry Evgrafov is releasing his new album Collage which will be out on October the 16th after keeping in touch with the imprint since it's silence. Emilie Levienaise-Farrough, award-winning French pianist, will also be releasing her new album Like Water Through The Sand on November the 13th through 130701, introducing a marvelous new voice to the genre. 

Find out more about FatCat's 130701 here and wait with baited breath for the new releases from Dmitry and Emilie on 16th October and 13th November.