Fat White Family Return With New Single


What with the bannings from venues, the onstage nudity, the generous dishing out of insults to England's many, many shit bands and the constant state of rabble rousing, you may have forgotten that the reason anyone really cares about Fat White Family is that they're one of the best bands the country has seen for years. 

New single 'I Am Mark E Smith' – and we're assuming the title is having a laugh at many comparisons between Fat Whites and The Fall – sees them work on their sound that little bit more, the fractured punk of their debut shows whittled down into a horrible blues drag, a sleazy ride on a rohypnol addled glam rock stomp. It won't be featured in an iPhone advert, it probably won't get radio play, and we doubt you'll be seeing them on Soccer AM any time soon.


The single comes with the reissue of their debut album, 'Champagne Holocaust'. The CD is to be reissued with a bonus disc of 10 rarities, alongside new artwork from guitarist/ singer Saul and comix legend Robert Crumb. The reissue comes out through Trash Mouth Records on Monday September 15th 2014, with the bonus disc tracklist running as follows:

1.   Wet Hot Beef  Part I

2.   Wet Hot Beef Pt II

3.   Now That I’m Taking Myself Seriously As An Artist (Wet Hot Beef Pt III)

4.   Lend Me Some Cutter

5.   Borderline (demo)

6.   These Hands (demo)

7.   Nagasaki Dust

8.   Bomb Disneyland (live)

9.   Mau!

10. Cream of the Young (Medicine 8 remix)