Fat White Family Launch Own Label


Fat White Family have spent the last half year fighting off increasingly horny A&R men, with representatives from all the major labels offering the band – currently England's looking like England's most credible guitar band – increasingly ludicrous figures to sign. According to industry bible Music Week, the 6 piece have worked out a solution of their own, deciding to launch their own label, 'Without Consent' as a subsidiary of the PIAS group.

“The band attracted a lot of interest from labels both big and small over the last few months but when I met with [PIAS owner] Craig Caukill and was asked if the band would like their own label this became the obvious solution,” said Fat White Family manager Stuart Green.

“It means the band retain their independence and are in control of their own destiny. This is something I have always sought for every artist I have worked with and consider this to be the most exciting deal I have ever been involved in.”

Without Consent (named after an early FWF track) will release material from the band, as well as other artists they admire, and a selection of as yet unnamed classic blues rarities. A new Fat Whites single is expected over the summer, and the follow up to debut album 'Champagne Holocaust' early next year. You can catch them playing at Field Day this summer, with tickets still available from here, but, in the meantime, why not  marvel at the sheer glorious unpleasantness of the 'Touch The Leather' video: