farage disowns ukip’s ‘walter mittys’ – realises no one’s left


Nigel Farage, the hapless leader of the hapless UKIP party, has tried to distance himself from the growing legions of idiots which make up his party.

Arch ‘jester’ Godfrey Bloom has a list of public gaffes (well – racist, sexist, bigoted outbursts if we’re being precise) longer than his arm and lest we forget the charms of fellow UKIP wheeze David Silvester and his views on the weather and homosexuality – all this has ruffled Farage’s feathers and he’s publicly declared he’s stepping away from the lunatic fringe of the party, bringing in greater vetting to try and weed out the lunatics at source.

The only problem is that if he does keep out the lunatics, the party will lose the very core of it’s membership. In fact, it’ll lose it’s leader, too. 

We’re all for it, Nigel, weed away.