Fantasy Fm Release ‘The Lost Tape’


1991 is the hour, Sheffield is the space. Rave and acid house culture is at its zenith and Sheffield has, by accident or design, absorbed its exciting breaks-based electronics and passed it through an industrially minimal filter process, informed by the electro-pop traditions established in the previous decade. Autochthonous tracks that will live on for years to come are produced throughout Yorkshire, whilst imported jams are adopted as local anthems at the Jive Turkey night, or on the airwaves via pirate stations such as Fantasy FM.

Luca Lozano and Omega III started DJing together in this famous city, and after having travelled and around many cities and styles, return to their roots with this dedication to the embryonic days of bass and bleep.

The Lost Tape is limited to 100 copies only and is equip with MC chat, authentic advertising and a digital download.

Grab your copy of 'The Lost Tape' here.