Fabio Fabio Announce ‘Amore Cannibale’ EP for Ivreatronic


Italian duo Fabio Fabio have announced the release of Amore Cannibale, a four-track EP slated for release on September 21st via collective-turned-label Ivreatronic, who aim to breathe new life into the cultural landscape of Ivrea; the city in Northern Italy they call home.

Fabio Fabio comprises percussionist and turntablist DJ Foresta and the technically minded Mattia “Tia” Ricco. Together, they peddle a unique blend of percussive techno, underpinned by subtle hints of psychedelic tropicalia and an unmistakably Italian flair. Lead single 'Frutto Del Paradiso' is streaming below. 

Tracklist below:

Amore Cannibale

Alma (feat. Enrico Ascoli and Alma Negrot)

Frutto Del Paradiso

You Got It

Amore Cannibale is out September 21st. 'Amore Cannibale' and  'Alma (feat. Enrico Ascoli and Alma Negrot)' will be released on 12" vinyl, 'Frutto Del Paradiso' and 'You Got It' will accompany these tracks on the digital release.

Stream 'Frutto Del Paradiso' HERE.