Ex-Terrestrial to release debut LP on NAFF


Adam Feingold is set to release is first full length album on NAFF later this year on the 8th of November. The Montreal based record label will release 'Gamma Infolded' – an album which weaves through woozy electronics, abstract soundscapes and beyond. Ex-Terrestrial first came to existence as a moniker for Adam back in 2016 when he released music via 1080p – he has since gone on to release music for the likes of Pacific Rhythm, Magicwire and Temple Records.

NAFF Recordings is a label run between himself and Priori, it has moved from strength to strength in recent years helping to channel an array of Canadian talent across the breadth of house, techno, idm and beyond. The new album was recorded between Toronto and Montreal during 2017-2018. The thematic concept behind the album is reminiscent of nostalgic long drives through the Belgian countryside listening to shadow music.

See the full tracklist below: 

1. Current Location
2. Guardian Angel
3. Awaken, Arise
4. Skip Ad
5. Gguunngg
6. Bored Of Canada
7. Gamma Infolded
8. The Feeling Is Mutable
9. Scatterbrainn
10. Travel Safe
11. Trails

Stream below: 

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