Endian – Two Chords Deep


EMINDS020 – Endian “Two Chords Deep” by electricminds

Coming out fighting from the yellow corner, Ben joins R$N with an examination of the very excellent latest release on Electric Minds.

Who is Endian? asks the press release. Well Ive got a strong suspicion I know who it is, but it would spoil the fun to blurt it out all over the note. Whoever it is they definitely know their way around the dance floor and have a savvy appreciation of cross genre dance floor dynamics that is reflected in the subtle junglist leanings prominent in these 2 slices of grainy, warts n all house music.

Letting the cast out the bag would also take attention away from a super solid EP. Two Chords Deep is a dusty analogue jam designed for heating up the floor. Its simple loop, light chords and mechanical hiss creates an all embracing soundscape that is allowed to float around the drums as it morphs. Like sunlight filtering through a chink in a boarded up window into a dusty room, theres a griminess that really works hazy optimism into both tracks.

The EP has a genuine rawness of the oozing rather than applied variety, with untreated sounds taking prominent positions in the mix. The B side wobbles along at a similar pace, is a little more polished and the contrast in textures not as pronounced. The warehouse feeling is infective and the melding of rave influences somewhere near Instru:mental as the closest reference point.