Emily A. Sprague readies new album for for RVNG Intl.


"Water Memory" and "Mount Vision" is a two part affair, each features an assortment of musical experiments and a written verse alongside. A mixture of sound design and poetry, the album will find a home on the US based imprint RVNG Intl. The album is described by them as follows:

"A collection of reflections are visible in the mirrored structures of Water Memory and Mount Vision, two chapters – two halves – each complemented by a written verse. As much about the presence in youthful experimentation as the permanence of transition and maturation, Water Memory, originally released in 2017, is the first long-form instrumental music Emily ever channeled. Mount Vision, originally released in 2018, was conceived in a smaller window of time than its predecessor, the pure residue of intense emotional build up during a period of self-healing and unguarded reflection."

The album will be available from the 24th of May and a limited print of Emily’s writing, "Ambient Poems" (2017 – 2018), will be included to mail order customers while the edition allows.

A video can be seen below: 

Full tracklist below:

01. Water Memory Poem
02. A Lake
03. Water Memory 1
04. Water Memory 2
05. Dock
06. Your Pond
07. Mount Vision Poem
08. Synth 1
09. Piano 1
10. Synth 2
11. Huckleberry
12. Synth 3
13. Piano 2 [Mount Vision]