Eighties Matchbox


OK, this is bad because I love 80s Matchbox. Both albums were works of horrible black genius that came full of incredible cock rocking singles, Dead Kennedies melodramatics and nasty sleazy grot lyrics. The In The Garden EP that turned up a couple of years ago was more great stuff, all biblical fury and thumping tom toms, but now theyve been out of action for quite some time and all sorts of drug related rumours have been flying about the place to explain their absence. So this the comeback single, a track thats actually been knocking around for a while, has a lot of expectation riding on it, and unfortunately, is a little disappointing. It starts off really well with that menacing bass sound they own and the sqwaling guitar shrieks. Everythings running along just finethe possessed preacher vocals and the sweaty leather riffs all present and correctthen, well, the chorus is just total gash. Some awful anthemic college rock crap that makes the whole thing seem like a witless bombastic pastiche. Im still holding out for the album, but I think this is a pretty weak addition to an otherwise excellent cannon. Im not saying dont listen at all, I just think approach with wary caution.

Ian Mcquaid

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