East India Youth To Release New Version Of Album


East India Youth is responding to his recent Mercury nomination by re-issuing the album in question – 'Total Strife Forever'  – in an extended edition that includes his 54 minute soundtrack to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Discussing the genesis of his soundtrack, William Doyle of EIY explained

"I was initially approached by people who were running the film section at Bestival 2013 to perform a live soundtrack to the 1916 silent version of ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’, directed by Stuart Paton. The film is a groundbreaking piece of cinematography, featuring as it does the first underwater sequences in a motion picture ever. The atmosphere and darkness of the underwater shots were a good fit for my general style, and I'd long been waiting to soundtrack a film so I jumped at the chance. My score is actually to a special edit of the film provided by the festival, and I performed it live to an audience of about six people at half past midnight immediately after playing my usual set in a different tent. Most of the work on the score was completed around the time I was doing the final mixing on ‘TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER’, so one of the pieces and quite a few of the effects I used on the album found their way onto the soundtrack as well. There are plenty of other departures here stylistically though. It was a big challenge for me creating this soundtrack, and while it is far from perfect, I do feel it's a good companion piece to ‘TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER’. Enjoy."

The album will be released through Stolen Recordings on Double CD and download. Listen to an exerpt below: