Dutch Kids U Know The Drill Continue To Bully 2 Step Into Submission


The last few years have seen a minor revolution taking over Dutch clubland. With a generation of kids bored of the Dirty Dutch sound that laid a template for a million shite EDM tracks, the house underground in Holland has largely split between those making chart friendly 'deep' house that glides around resolutely tastefully, determined not to offend anyone, and those who fancy something a little more ruffneck.

Which brings us to U Know The Drill. The last release from the duo, Stacking Papers, united an unlikely set of fans in praise, from Bicep to Hannah Wants, all of whom were into the unexpected hybrid UK Garage bass warps and ramped up aggy kick drums – this was 2 Step for nutters, repurposed to cosy up to nails hard techno, all pop sensibilities stripped away. Now, UKTD have returned, this time finding a suitable home on DJ Haus's Hot Haus label. No lie – this is only for the headstrong, but if you fancy a cheeky burst of pure, fucking 'aving it energy, well, listen and enjoy…