Drastic Arts Launches With Debut Album From Dual Shaman


Drastic Arts is a brand new label run by Liar, and the spiritual successor to cyberpunk imprint Tessier-Ashpool Recordings, which will be reabsorbed into its fold as a sub-label.

It's launching this week with Expiati, the debut album from prolific Romanian duo Dual Shaman which stands as an "uncompromising and many-pronged account of atonement". Having amassed an impressive back-catalogue on labels such as Manual Music and Wide Angle Recordings, the two brothers have also won awards for countless sample packs and sound libraries created under the ShamanStems name.

Today we have the lead track 'Pluvia' for you to listen to below – it's a thrilling trance-fuelled techno ride that pulls a celestial vocal, slimy acid squelches and a whole lot of hardcore attitude into its dizzy orbit.