Doug Paisley et al

Nice to receive a package of stuff from Heavenly in the post. Weve always been a massive fan of what they are about as a label and people. They seem to be about creating great moments in pop as well as having an interest in whats going on in more underground circles. Weve mentioned their associated blog, Caught By The River, before but if you havent seen it have a read. Its one of the most mellow things on the internet.

So on to the music. As Ive said before I am not the greatest journalist in the world by a long mile so bear with me (or just ignore this and press play on the clips much better). First up is a lovely little 7? by Doug Paisley called No One But You. This has become the new favourite morning song in our house and is a sweet little piece with lovely organs, a gentle voice and sweet guitar. You knows those sevens you are going to put down and find again in a few years time and then appreciate how good it was, it seems like one of those. Look forward to hearing more

Doug Paisley: No One But You (Excerpt)

Have to say we are not massive fans of the cover version anymore, it all seems a bit done to death, so if you strip Ce Ce Penistons song away from this one and add Richard Norris and Erol Alkan to the pot in Time & Space Machine mode you end up with a great piece of chiming melodic uptempo business. Surprisingly pretty.

(Note: I think this one has been about for little bit)

Cherry Ghost: Finally (Time & Space Machine Instrumental) (Excerpt)

Next up is a new 12 featuring remixes from Andrew Weatherall. I think its kind of nice to see Weatherall back on it fucking about with electronics and dubby basslines as it sort of feels like home for him. This one is no different except for the fact that its all done over a nice slow disco groove. Both mixes are pretty nice.

LCMDF: Ghandi (Andy Weatherall Remix I) (Excerpt)

LCMDF: Ghandi (Andy Weatherall Remix II) (Excerpt)

Thanks to Danny at Heavenly for the bits.


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