Donato Dozzy releases new album composed entirely on EMS Synthi AKS synth


The acclaimed producer is set to appear as part of a new series of conceptual albums on One Instrument who have announced forthcoming releases from Fahmi Mursyid, Alessandro Di Puccio and Donato Dozzy. 

The forthcoming album from Donato Dozzy is described as his most abstract and experimental to date channeling elements of psychedelic electronica amidst ambient textures and noise. The label is keen to reiterate the policy behind the imprint: 

"All the tracks released by One Instrument are recorded with one instrument only, in one take, with no samples and no effects other than the reverb."

The producer draws for the EMS Synthi AKS synthesizer, a revered piece of equipment and the record comes in at 38 minutes in total across two sides. 

The release will be available towards the tail end of 2019 in December.

Find the label on Soundcloud HERE