Donato Dozzy joins the Progetto Tribale project on Adiel’s Danza Tribale


Donato Dozzy has joined the legendary Progetto Tribale project to release ‘Volume 7’ on Adiel’s Danza Tribale, 24 years after the 6th Volume was released. 

In partnership with two of the original members, Pietro and Paolo Micioni, the Spazio Disponibile co-founder is breathing new life into a project that began all the way back in 1992. 

Originally created under the mentorship of Giancarlino, and executed by a team that included Pietro, Paolo, D.RaD (Stefano Facchielli) and Giancarlino himself, the project was based on a deep combination of African rhythms and soul music, which gained great success during the time. After their debut, the project continued for two more productions with UMM, before changing label and releasing with D: Vision until 1996, the year of the last production, ‘Volume 6’. 

A1 / 1. Vu Rhythm – (D. Scaramuzzi, P. Micioni, P. Micioni)
A2 / 2. Disco Strat – (D. Scaramuzzi, P. Micioni, P. Micioni)
B1 / 3. Behaviour 2020 Remix – (Donato Dozzy & Pietro Micioni remix)
B2 / 4. Variable Mu – (D. Scaramuzzi, P. Micioni, P. Micioni)