Donato Dozzy and debut as Men With Secrets on Bunker New York


Donato Dozzy and Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono of are joining forces under the moniker Men With Secrets for a debut album on Bunker New York. 

This is the first outing for the new project who first worked together as Le Officine Di Efesto with an EP on Dozzy's own Spazio Disponibile label. Born out of their shared love of new wave, synth-pop and post-punk, the three Italian producers have crafted an album, entitled Psycho Romance & Other Spooky Ballads, that sounds as if it were unearthed from the 1980s – vintage in style, filled with synths, shuddering bass and anthemic vocals. 

This influence extends to the name of the project which is borrowed from pioneering minimal pop and electronic musician Richard Bone, as well as paying homage to other pioneers of the sound including Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League and New Order, yet the record still feels completely original and, as expected from Dozzy and, deftly produced.

Psycho Romance & Other Spooky Ballads will be released on 31st January via Bunker New York. 


01 4th Dimension Signal N°1
02 The Misfortunes of Virtues
03 Cabaret (Démodé)
04 4th Dimension Signal N°2
05 Dramantic
06 Elle est Nihiliste
07 4th Dimension signal N°3
08 Angelus Novus
09 Secrets of the Crowd
10 4th Dimension Signal N°4
11 Aletheia.aiff
12 Ruins on Ruins
13 4th Dimension Signal N°5

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