Out of the way fools, the guvnors back. Doneao has never released a bad track- FACT. Get to know. Like Wiley hes a staple right from grime to funky to whatever its called now, constantly making dope tracks that marry pop melodies with restless rhythmic surgery and compelling futurism. Here hes mixing sub low booms with refried rave breaks, all the time holding the track together with his distinctive vocals. Who cares if the lyrics are verging on the dodgy this time roundhes singing about his sense of style, and with a totally straight face delivers

So me love it likeBlazer with the jeans

Thanks for the heads up D, up til now I thought wearing a blazer with jeans was the preserve of shitfaced footballers, homeless people who shop from bins and Alan Partridge. Ummm, so other than that, theres an amazing bit where he makes his voice sound crazy in all sorts of ways, and some deep heavy rib rattling kick drums, and its another track that, suss lyrics aside, puts Doneao light years away from the competition.

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