Don Diablo &


Don Diablo has a big Anarchy A in his logo which shows that hes a totally crazy guy. Sidney Sampson had the word motherfucker featuring prominently in his last hit (Riverside for those of you to apathetic to keep up ) suggesting that he too, is pretty darn crazy. No prizes for guessing what happens when these too scallywags get together, yep, hot diggedy, lock up your daughters because we are gonna go super ! mega ! bananas ! batshit ! CEEERAZY !! whoop !! whoop !! etc.

So bonkers, in fact, that this Dutch headbang house tagteam havent been able to contain their megalithic nonsense to just one piece. Instead we get one track has some clown shouting Rise Up NIGGERS* until an Ed Banger jocking bass grinds out over the Prodigyesque if thats a word these days- drum breaks out. The other track bangs along with a guy going whoop in the background and some loud noises and stuff. Its good for fans of stoopid bullying electro and is broadly OK for anyone else who may find themselves off their nut in a rave. If you want to feel a bit rebellious, then I can say that this truly is a tune that your mother wouldnt like (well, my mum wouldnt anyway) but I suspect that might be because its not actually that good.

* I know this may be off the point a bit, but whenever I think of Dutch people getting together to say nigger, I think of Steven Biko getting his head kicked in. Still, no reason why that should stop the party, eh.

Ian Mcquaid