Doge Records Release Exclusive Video


Before we go any further, we know that this is a step away from our normal obssession with cats and for that we apologise.

Doge Records, a recently announced label that looks like it is associated in one way or another with Kristina Records (feel free to correct us if we're wrong), has just released an exclusive video for Get Up on DOGE001. The artist behind the EP is yet to be named, pointing back to the “use of anonymity to shift expectations of releases." Once more we've been taught a lesson as to not judge by press releases as the track is a definate good'un, along with the video itself. Sorry cats!

The four track limited-run 500 press white label 12" was released last week and shows influences ranging from Chicago house through to the sounds of New York.

This first release is available over at Kristina Records, but don't expect to be able to pay with it in Dogecoin yet!