Continuing the series of DJ to DJ where we ask two of our favourite Discos Jockos to interview each other up steps Young Marco and Hunee ahead of this year's Farr Festival

Hunee is a good eater. He comes from a grey and boring city, where heavy industrialization and green forests go hand in hand. Now being a Berlin resident for almost ten years he eats bumpin disco for breakfast, heats up deep jackin music for lunch and slows it soulfully down for dinner.  Young Marco has been on the forefront of Amsterdam's bustling underground scene for nearly a decade. Coming up through several now infamous residencies, he's  released records on Rush Hour and Lovefingers ESP Institute where he continues to craft his house filled with broken drum computers and uncool 90s new-age synthesizers. Not sure if he's a good eater…

Gentleman, what have you got to say to each other?

Young Marco: What's so great about LA anyway?

Hunee: Endless Summer! 


YM: Why do you like airports so much?

H: Transition time between two great things: sweet home and the next gig. Its busy, but u can be quiet, lots to see, still lots of space to think.


YM: What is the last jazz record you listened to?

H: Yogi Jazz, a german modal jazz record. Thanks to a recommendation from MCDE! 


YM: Do you play a musical instrument, and if not would you want to?

H: Everyone wants to play the Piano. So do I.


YM: Whats up with that guy at Franz & Josef record store?

H: A mouse trapped in a hole. 


YM: Who is your favourite scientist?

H: Sun Ra.

YM: For the rest of your life: Jeans or Slacks?

H: Slacks all the way. Or maybe denim slacks?

YM: Is being a DJ working hard, or hardly working?

H: Work it, work it, work it, work it, work work work work …


YM: Would you rather go back in time or into the future?

H: Back to the future. I am glad of all the benefits of our time and look forward to a bright and challenging future.


YM: Do you like Daft Punk's new album, and why not?

H: No more Daft Punk talk, please!


Hunee: What mediocre superpower would you like to possess?

Young Marco: Telepathic internet


H: What are you scared of when you deejay?

YM: Playing on badly maintained turntables, which i do, sadly, most of the time.


H: What is your favourite activity while flying around to gigs. Books, Music, Thinking?

YM: I cant read on planes for some reason, so usually: thinking, drinking and trying to sleep.


H: Please tell us one record you think is great, but all other people hate?

YM: I guess there's a crowd for everything, but i've gotten some weird looks from 

my girlfriend whilst listening to:


Klaus Nomi – Nomi Song


H: Which movie character reminds you of yourself?

YM: R2D2


H: Which song would you make the national anthem of holland, if you were king?

YM: Q65 – The Life I Live


H: What do u think u do differently in the studio, than anyone else?

YM: I'm just trying to be honest, if you do that, you wont sound like anyone else. That and a neurotic obsession with static electricity.


H: If you could give your child, if you had one, one book only, which one would it be?

YM: Carl Sagan: Cosmos


H: What thought did come to your mind this morning, when you woke up?

YM: I should get up earlier.


H: What seperates the DJ Young Marco from the rest?

YM: A whole lotta love.

Young Marco and Hunee play The Pool face-off down the Dance Tunnel this Friday. Get yourself along, it's going to be a cracker.

See Hunee and Young Marco at this year's Farr Festival, more information and tickets here. (Article originally produced for Dance Tunnel)