Django Django Wor


Built on truck loads of highspeed tumbleweed surf guitar, Wor commands the wheel of a 14 tonne behemoth and cruises headspace autobahn between Scotland and Christ-Knows-Where. Django Django have drawn Beta Band comparisons, and this isnt a million miles off the mark- the switching between dance floor bothering kick drums and bursts of flat accented choral melody are reminiscent of a long missed time when the Beta Band could play with genre rather than flail at it. Its hard to pack such different ideas into the 4 minutes or so Django Django have allowed themselves, but they pull it off with aplomb. The flip side Skies Over Cairo opens with dub sirens, warm acid bass lines and rolling good time toms, before rising up into a vaguely comedy snake charmer melody that would work perfectly soundtracking Sid James trying to tweak bra straps in, I dont know, Carry On Up the Suez Canal or something.

Ian Mcquaid