DJ to DJ: Brackles interviews Scientist


Ahead of each of their respective sets at rare central London night TCM this Friday 28th June, we had Rinse FM mainstay and recent Katy B remixer Brackles sit down with one of the capitals most experienced pirate radio figures Scientist to talk rave memories, new music and who wins between Brandy and Cassie.

Brackles will be headlining the event at The Socials, whos heavy selection of quality UK funky, house, bass mutations and classic 2-step has seen him placed as one of the UKs very best underground talents.

Flex FM regular and legendary London DJ Scientist follows, with over a decade of experience appearing on some of the capitals finest pirate stations, and a bag of tunes that can head anywhere from 80s house to the finest garage and grime.

Scientist: What was the first garage record you bought?

Brackles: I’ve actually no idea what my first garage record was.. My brother bought decks first and I learnt on his – The first garage record I remember him bringing home was the Wookie remix of Roni Size – Dirty Beats.

S: What’s your favourite thing about hosting on Rinse?

B: I absolutely love showing people new music (or old stuff that I haven’t heard before). It’s a good thing I have the show as I think I’d probably be annoying a lot of my friends by playing them everything new I’d found that week.

S: What’s the maddest place you played at recently?

B: Probably snowbombing – was in a huge venue in the mountains. Plus the after party was pretty wild as well.

S: Brandy or Cassie (and why)?

B: That’s a well tough question! Think I’ll go Cassie – I’ve got great memories of moving to hackney and rinsing that album. Plus the production is tough and everything bangs on there.

S: Which top three artists should we look out for at the minute?

B: Murlo – I had him guest on the show recently and his mix was insane – he does a lot of grimey/ funky with mad synths in.

S: Stagga is doing wicked things on the 160bpm template – he really captures the weirdness of some stranger coki bits in his beats.

B: Also Alex Deamonds is making some sick house mutations – it’s proper dark but still makes you wanna rave hard.

S: What’s the ultimate Brackles hangover cure after a big night at FWD?

B: Has to be a triple espresso coffee with freshly ground beans.

Brackles: If you could listen to one artist’s back catalogue for the rest of your life, who would you pick?

Scientist: Sorry, but that’s an IMPOSSIBLE question to answer!

B: What is your favourite new record at the moment?

S: Definitely the Disclosure LP theyve smashed it there. 

B: Can you play any instruments?

S: No – If you can call a turntable an instrument then you can say I control a mean pitch.

B: What’s your favourite club night been in all your years raving?

S: Theres been so many but Jungle Fever 1992 was epic on many levels!

B: Best rave you’ve ever played at?

S: No question – FWD>>

B: Favourite vocalist?

S: Itd have to be Jenna G.

Catch both Brackles and Scientist providing the best in underground house and garage at TCM at The Social this Friday 28th June. More details here