Dj Tennis to release on Running Back for first time


The Life and Death label boss is set to release a new EP on Gerd Janson's label on the 17th of May later this month. It will be the first time that he has released on the Running Back label and he brings with him an eclectic four track EP which draws upon elements of house, techno, acid and italo in once concise package. The EP is dancefloor focussed and is the first new material from Dj Tennis since his contribution to the 2017 Dj Kicks series. 

Gerd Janson, the Running Back founder, describes the EP as follows:

"Sometimes, it's enough to hear a record out loud in a party context to fall in love with it. 'Gordon' is such a record. Made one day before Miami's infamous Rakastella party, premiered there on Will Renuart's “The Kiss” stage and being one of the highlights during a shared slot with DJ Tennis, I was secretly hoping for Running Back to get awarded with it. It basically sums up all the qualities of a DJ Tennis set: you get the highs and lows, the loud and quiet parts, it pogoes and it prances and it's basically impossible to resist his shuffle. 

'Starck' on the other hand, scales it a bit down, but is equally overwhelming as are the atmospheric respectively cinematic versions of both tracks – less imaginative people might call them ambient. Game, set, match! Thank you, Manfredi!"

The "Gordon Starck EP" will be available later this month.