DJ Stingray 313 launches new label ‘Micron Audio’


DJ Stingray 313 has announced the launch of his new label ‘Micron Audio’ as a platform for modern and futuristic electro.

Relaunching afresh this year, the label will work with new artists who share Stingray’s mission: a press release reads: “the imprint beckons intense electronic sounds, roughened textures and geometries that speak to aguiding principle of making technological advancement accessible to the people.”

“These technoid adventures of sci-fi sound design and arrays of unabating rhythm, draw its listeners through warped microworlds and wicked contortions. Behind the sounds, it exists as a display of artistic responsibility, making statements and providing solutions from socio-political commentaries.”

The first release, Stingray’s ‘Electronic Countermeasures’ EP, originally emerged in 2011 following a digital-only compilation that isn’t available anymore, and is now having new life breathed into it. Several forthcoming releases on Micron Audio have previously featured on compilations via Rush Hour and Creme Organization, as well as Stingray’s Urban Tribe project.