DJ soFa readies sixth Elsewhere compilation

elsewhere cover web 1

DJ soFa has announced the sixth instalment in his Elsewhere compilation series.

The second edition to be released on Kalahari Oyster Cult, following previous spells at Music For Dreams, Emotional Response and Crevette Records, the Belgian DJ and producer continues his exploration of outernational sounds, taking a borderless approach to curation over the record’s 12 tracks. Rallying producers from across the globe, the DIY-minded release spans sounds from leftfield pop and post-kraut to dusty synth-punk and cosmic oddities.



Made up of music for listening and for dancing, the release features tracks from Radio Hito, Dame Area, Eylul Deniz and Electronic Body Girl.

soFa’s Elsewhere series began in 2017 and has been home to music from Khidja, Twoonky, Puma & The Dolphin, Anatolian Weapons, Tolouse Low Trax and many more. soFa’s released music as part of CCCVVV, Mameen 3, Nyati Mayi & The Astral Synth Transmitters.

A1. Radio Hito – Credo
A2. Sam Media – Simple As Fuck
A3. Şeytan Tüyü – Anita
B1. Volga – Na Gorushke (Live at DOM 2002)
B2. Electronic Body Girl – Walk Away
B3. Dame Area – Dis-umani
C1. Cilin – An Abhainn Mhor
C2. δρ- Fifty Fifty (Anatolian Weapons Rework)
C3. Romain FX – Guanmu Cong
D1. Mytron & A von F – Confiture
D2. Tagliabue – Riso Amaro
D3. Eylul Deniz – She Can’t Die (Twin Peaks Cover)

Listen to Radio Hito’s track.

Elsewhere XX will be released on Kalahari Oyster Cult on 25th February.