Dj Oil Announces New Album ‘Bref Avenir’


Marseille native Lionel Corsini aka DJ OIL has just announced a new album called Bref Avenir, set for release this Friday!

Out 27th July, the 12-track record compiles his three 12"s – Rain, Héritage and Telephunk – released on Ivan Smagghe's label Les Disques De La Mort since 2016.

"It’s quite hard for us to describe Oil’s talent", Smagghe explains, "but the sense it makes does jump out : some kind of totally fucked-up respect for house tradition (samples-samples-samples), a love for spoken word, weird wavey and electro influences. This is a true mess that always makes sense in its simplicity, and we are so happy to see a lot of people seem to get the sheer sincerity of the guy."

Listen to 'Brouillage' below: