Dj Koze To Release Dj Kicks 50th Edition


Prepare yourself for a 70 minute long aural journey, courtesy of the always reliable DJ Koze as he composes the special 50th edition of the DJ Kicks series.

You'll no doubt be able to hear Koze's familiar sense of strangeness and humour as he spends just over an hour tickling your inner ear. The release is set for 15th June so you'll now be facing two months of solid anticipation as you wait for these sounds to enter your mind – there are tracks from Marcel Fengler, The 2 Bears and even William Shatner in store. Here's what Koze had to say about his work;

"I didn't want to kick around sophisticated knowledge, but rather try and weave together some good gems that would make sense to anyone, even people who aren't necessarily music nerds". Koze approaches the term "mix" from a different angle and doesn't even try to make something fit that doesn't fit: "During the day, I don't need to hear anything that's mixed on the beat. I put the focus on making sure that it works harmoniously – the idea is more to create the impression of a radio show, like people such as John Peel did so uniquely. There is a giant cosmos of music and it runs through my filter." 

DJ Koze's DJ-Kicks is out on 15th June via !K7, pre-order your copy here.

You can see DJ Koze at this year's Farr Festival.