Dj Hell Announces Release Of 5th Album ‘Zukunftmusik’


DJ Hell has announced the release of his 5th album. It follows his first single in three years 'I Want U', that has spawned a mulitude of remixes from artists such as Marcel Dettmann, Romina Cohn and Terence Fixmer, and the latest single 'Car Car Car'.

The alias of Helmut Josef Geier, Hell's career has been long and illustrious beginning in the late 70s when techno first began to rise to popularity and has seen the producer's music evolve with the ever changing musical and political landscape.

This ever changing landscape is reflected in the use of dark, progressive synths and eerie, robotic vocals, alongside sudden bursts dancefloor worthy tracks.

'Zukunftmusik', which translates in German to 'music of the future' is Hell looking forwards musically to a somewhat dark and uncertain future.

Listen to 'Car Car Car' below.

To pre-order go HERE.

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