Dj Fett Burger Collaborates with Stiletti Ana On Album


The Norwegian disc jockey and producer has collaborated with Finland based Stiletti Ana on a new release titled "358 Men". It is expected to be released in the coming months and follows on from their previous collaboration on the Sex Tags UFO label back in 2014. The album has been described as follows: 

"A 100% style debut by the two producers. Original, leftfield, and with the live drummers groove and bliss synthesisers move to create the hypnotic swag."

The release will be available on Freakout Cult, the imprint run by Jayda G and Fett Burger in collaboration with the artist hinting this may be the final outing on the label. This is Fett Burger's debut album. 

The announcement can be found on Dj Fett Burger's Facebook page HERE