Discogs Create Global Record Shop Database


Discogs has long been the pre-eminent online market for vinyl – now they're turning their attention to cataloguing the physical world with a new site called Vinyl Hub. As they put it, "our mission is to document every physical record shop on the planet." A visit to Vinyl Hub shows you a world map, with (currently) 3632 shops marked on it. Obviously the UK and US are massively represented, but we'd imagine few of our readers knew of 'Vintage Shop' in Islamabad, Pakistan, Nova Audio in Mumbai, or – ummm- Cash Convertors in Tenerife. 

It's early days for the database yet, and it's still growing – no doubt there's plenty of local shops that aren't covered, so we recommend you take a look and try and fill in some blanks. There's definitely some sort of worldwide pilgrimage here though, and should Discogs feel like sponsoring the Ransom Note team to try and visit every shop on the map, we'll happily Discogs insert Discogs their Discogs name Discogs every Discogs other Discogs word Discogs on Discogs the Discogs site.