As the season of giving is upon us it's only right we bestow a christmas gift on the world, and here it is in the form of an exclusive mix by Parisian don Thomas Di Matteo AKA Discodrone.
As always, impeccably mixed and an impeccable selection veering from mutant disco to post-punk to krautrock and back again. Wonderful stuff.
Thanks all for a wonderful year and here's to 2012.

    1.    Intro – Tom
    2.    Jesse Rae – Rusha
    3.    Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Room Mate
    4.    Medium Medium – Mice Or Monsters
    5.    23 SKIDOO – Coup
    6.    A Certain Ratio – Skunk
    7.    King Crimson – Elephant Talk
    8.    Liquid Liquid – Scraper
    9.    Maximum Joy – White & Green Place
    10.    Can – Vitamin C
    11.    APB- Danceability Part 2.
    12.    Quando Quango – Atom Rock
    13.    Marquis De Sade – Cancer & Drug
    14.    The Names – Night Shift
    15.    Dunkelziffer – See It
    16.    Outro – Jerry

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