Disco Halal Announces New Release From Naduve


Disco Halal are set to folow up there recent release from Autarkic with another missive from Tel Aviv's Naduve. Having released on Rothmans and CDA, Naduve returns to the Berlin based Halal with a four track EP of Middle Eastern tinged house entitled The Race For A Handshake. Made up of 3 originals and one remix from the nimble finrgers of Saturn Memories, the EP is accompanied by some fairly obtuse PR from the label- make of this what you will;

We shook hands with one of them. The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. This ancient, short ritual took place several times, here, with some limited success. Does this ritual hold any meaning anymore? The race is long, far from being close to it's end. It's a race for a handshake.

This record is one of many efforts to make this race be heard. It may sound naive now, or even pathetic, but what are we to do? When cousins meet at family dinners they might fight each other for the chance to raise the cup "The Father's name". This battle is soaked with the music of their family, they know each other by its fabric. We wish to take them to the dance floor and play them music to shake hands to.

The EP is currently scheduled for release sometime in Summer – tracklist runs as follows;

A1. Ready Set Go
A2. Ready Set Go (Saturn Memories Tahini Mix)
B1. 10K from Essaouira
B2. The Race For The Handshake




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