Disciples to release Model Home compilation


The record label has announced the release of a nine track album/compilation of sorts which see’s Model Home manipulate and experiment with rough and rugged hip hop instrumentals, electronics, skits and beyond in what is a playful and expressive project. 

The Washington DC experimental rap duo collaborate alongside the likes of Dolo Percussion aka Andrew Field-Pickering on the release which is described by the record label as follows:

“Otherworldly beat science from the currently vibrant Washington DC underground. In the duo’s own words “a collaborative experiment in liberated sound, vision, and performance“, Model Home orbit in their own universe, with glimmers of light from distant galaxies refracted in their sound. ‘One Year’ compiles tracks from 8 different self-released mixtapes made during an intense initial 12 month period of musical activity that birthed the project.”

A video is streaming online now:

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