Dexter Story To Release Debut Lp On Soundway Records


Dexter Story, veteran multi instrumentalist is set to release his debut LP, Wondem on Soundway Records in October.

Story's musical background and pedigree is unquestionable. Having worked with and on so many artists and records, it's surprising that it has taken until now to produce his own work. The fact that he has worked with the likes of Wynston Marsalis, Def Jam and Snoop reflects that breadth of Story's talent. That breadth is demonstrated in Wondem as he explores his East African influences to amazing effect. 

Dexter Story is one of those guys, so talented it's unfair. We all know at least one and are eternally envious. Story was touring with LA based bands from the age of 14 before going on to get an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley. Follwing that, he has worked as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, songwriter, producer, and musical director for some of the most elite players in the industry.

Lastly, he is also community outreach liaison for the Ford Theatres Foundation in LA. So he's an all round good egg too. Since when was talent so unevenly distributed? 

While we're crazy envious, we're also massively stoked about this release. 

For more on the upcoming release of Wondem, see Soundway Recordings' website.