De:Tuned Release 5xlp Box Set Of Unearthed Techno Bombs


De:Tuned are celebrated their half decade in the biz with the release of 5 Years De:Tuned a 5 LP box set comprising 21 tracks of unreleased material combining unreleased DATs with brand new material from some techno masters. Opening with an unheard cut from Luke Vibert, the compilation goes on to feature work from the likes of Outlander, Mark Archer, Hardfloor Steve Stoll, The Advent and far more, harking back to the sound of classic labels such as R&S, Warp, Rephlex and Plus 8 – over at Ransom Note towers we're particularly feeling Thomas Heckmann's deep, acidic Jacktrax 1, but the whole set is a treat for fans of the rush and energy of old skool techno.

Listen to a preview playlist below, and keep an eye on the De:Tuned facebook page for details of the pre-sale link when they come.