Dennis Bovell Digs Deep In His Archive For New Vinyl-Only Dub Album


Dennis Bovell may be one of the most influential living producers in Britain today. From being instrumental in creating lovers rock, to shaping the sound palette of some of the greatest post punk acts (The Slits, The Pop Group, Maximum Joy, Orange Juice etc etc), Bovell has been working behind the scenes since the late 70s, bring bass and space to UK dancefloor's like no other. 

Now Bovell has announced the release of Dub 4 Daze, a vinyl only 10 track album of cuts found deep within his vaults. Dennis describes the material as “a collection of different dub mixes I found buried in my archive, and a few newly mixed cuts, done after re-exploring some earlier recorded material. I baked some 2" masters, transferred them to digital and mixed them using an analogue desk.”

Listen to a preview below, and check the tracklistings and credits beneath that. Dub 4 Daze is released on Nov 2oth via Glitterbeat.

Side 1:

1. Eye Water (D. Bovell/N. Green)
All instruments and vocals: Dennis Bovell (db)
Recorded at Berry Street Studios
Engineer: W. Farley
Mixed by db

2. Dub Guide (D.Bovell)
Drums: Drummie Zeb
Bass: db
Guitars: John Kpiaye
Keyboards: Tony Gad
Recorded at Gooseberry Studios London
Mixed by: db at Studio 80 London

3. Zion Dubb (D.Bovell/L.Donaldson)
Drums: Jah Bunny
All other instruments and vocals: db
Recorded and mixed at Eve Studios London by db

4. Top Level Dub (D.Bovell/L. Donaldson)
Drums: Jah Bunny
Bass and guitars: db
Keyboards: Noel 'Fish' Salmon
Horns: Michael 'Bammy' Rose
Tenor solo: Godfrey
Recorded and mixed at Eve Studios London by db

5. Dub Affair (D.Bovell)
Drums: Drummie Zeb
Bass, guitar and vocals: db
Fender Rhodes: Nick Straker
Alto Saxophone: James Danton
Recorded at E.M.I Manchester Square London
Engineered by Ron 'the Don'
Mixed at Ariwa Studios London by db, assisted by Joe Ariwa

Side 2 :

1. Physics of Dub (A. Ellis)
Drums: Jah Bunny
Bass and guitars: db
Keyboard: Noel 'Fish' Salmon
Vocals: Brown Sugar, Pauline Caitlin, Kofi, Caron Wheeler
Recorded and mixed at Eve Studios London by db

2. Tumbledown Dub (D.Bovell)
Drums: Jah Bunny
All other instruments: db, except cocktail bar Piano by Webby J
Drums and Bass recorded by Mike Dorain at Murray Street Studios, London
Overdubs recorded and mixed at Gooseberry Studios, London by db

3. Aged Dub (D.Bovell)
Drums: Drummie Zeb
Bass: Bevin Fagan
Guitar: db
Keyboards: Tony Gad
Berimbau: 'Brasiliero'
Recorded and mixed at Studio 80 by db

4. Jah Dub Man (D.Bovell/E.Campbell)
All instruments and BV’s: db
Lead vocal: Errol Campbell
Recorded and mixed at Gooseberry Studios, London by db

5. Tuned Dub (D.Bovell)
All instruments and vocals: db, except Trombones Henry 'Buttons' Tenyue
Recorded at Studio 80, London
Engineer: J.Martin Rex
Mixed at Ariwa Studios by db assisted by Joe Ariwa