Den Sorte Skole Break The Record For Most Samples Used On An Album


Danish sample outfit Den Sorte Skole are set to follow up their acclaimed 2013 LP Lektion III with a project that's set to enter the history books. Containing a massive 10,000 samples, new album Indians And Cowboys comes with the most samples ever held on a single album, racking up around 280 of the beggers per track.

Fusing together anything and  everything – from surf guitar to Middle eastern kasbah swingers, the record looks set to be a trawl through humanity in a feat that was last pulled off by The Avalanches with their 2000 classic Since I Left You.

Naturally with so many samples, there's not a chance of a record label being able to clear the album, and Den Sorte Skole won't be showing up on iTunes any time soon – that doesn't concern them though – the project was created with an explicitly political message:

"Our music carries a strong political message, advocating for a shared multi-cultural future and against xenophobia, ethnocentrism, closed borders and an out-dated copyright-system…” 

Indians & Cowboys is released on October 26th 2015