Delphic eh? Now where have I seen that name before? Is it on the ad banners of every single freakin’ music related website in the world right now? Hmmm, could be…. Did I catch them in the hangover slot at virtually every single UK festival this summer? You’re getting closer…. Got it! Weren’t they just about propping up 2009′s tip sheets this time last year?! Spot on! And haven’t they been ‘hotly tipped’ as far back as August 2008?? Yes! Still at least whilst waiting for a leg up from old Auntie Beeb they’ve had sufficient time to hone a live set so polished it ought to come with protective eyewear and squeeze out an album produced within an inch of its life by onetime saviour of dance music Ewan Pearson. Sadly the years in development make little difference. This is still just flimsy indie dance for undergraduates and Q mag Dads; as wet, ungainly and insubstantial as ever. Expect: One thousand gazillion remixes. Mercury Nomination.

Jim Brackpool