Dead Mau5 Sofi Needs A Ladder


OK, so in all honesty I thought this was going to be arsebiscuits, so imagine my surprise (go on, see if you can. Picture me as devastatingly handsome, but yet, surprised) that Sofi Needs A Ladder is actually a sort of stompy Peaches style piece of big room vocal techno thats pretty catchy and even a little bit subtle in its banging-ness. I mean its not going to win over any new converts to stadium rave, but itd probably do the job belting out in Earls Court to the gazillion cheesy quavers who are gonna lap up Dead Mau5 when he plays there later this year (as the first electronic act ever to do so fact fans). Catch me at the front waving some giant foam Gladiator hands. Whoop .

Ian Mcquaid

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