David Lynch


Uhhm. So the question that comes to my (admittedly puerile) mind when I listen to Davids debut music is Does David Lynch go RAVING ??. I cant for the life of me work out why he decided to release a sort of pleasant sub-Moby piece of 90s chill house, unless of course he just fucking LOVES IT. Im getting all sort of terrifying visions of his shaggy white barnet flailing in melancholic bliss, mouth a gurning, pupils tiny and sweat a streaming. Brrrrrr. This release is more 90s than TurboDoves. Hes even got Underworld and Sasha in on remix duties. So, whilst he makes some of the strangest and most unclassifiable movies Hollywood has ever seen, he makes songs that sound like buying margarine in Tescos.

Ian Mcquaid