David Byrne’s Luaka Bop Announces Preacherman Reissue


Luaka Bop, the record label founded in 1988 by David Byrne, has announced Universal Philosophy: Preacherman plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits, a reissue compiling the best work of the musician Tim Jones, who recorded and performed under a slew of monikers including Preacherman, Midi Man and Ironing Board Band, but perhaps was best known as T.J Hustler.

In the 1980s, Jones was a technician for IBM in Las Vegas and San Jose where he repaired typewriters and word processors during the day. At night he would perform in the Las Vegas lounges. Not considering himself much of a live performer, he had a custom wooden puppet made, which he called T.J. Hustler. Together, Jones/Preacherman and T.J. Hustler would perform long philosophical soliloquies.

Today, T.J. Hustler, the puppet, lives quietly in a storage unit in Las Vegas, with Jones' self-modified Hammond B3 organ.

Universal Philosophy: Preacherman plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits is out on October 12th. View the full tracklist below:

1. That’s Good
2. Feel It
3. Tell Me Why
4. Out Of This World
5. Age Of Individualism
6. Up And Down

Stream lead single Feel It HERE.