DarkStar Link Up With Deejillz (The Square) To Push Grime Forward


Lewisham grime crew The Square is starting to look like some sort of grime version of The Brit School. Numerous alumni have spent the last few months showing how much the new grime scene has to offer – from Novelist's political bars and experimentation with jungle tempos, to Elf Kid's shamelessly poppy hooks over brutalised RnB classics. Now DeeJillz has hooked up with the techno/bass duo Darkstar on a collaboration that flatters them both. For Darkstar, it's a chance for them to explore territory further from the out right dancefloor gear they're known for, whilst Jillz gets to spit on a beat that's as melodic and introspective as it is synthetic. Good work all round, a pointer to grime's increasing breadth, and hopefully the first of many link ups between the two. 


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