Dark Entries Announces January Reissues


Dark Entries, who recently unearthed Patrick Cowley’s seminal ‘School Daze’, have promised a triple- header of re-issues on 14th January. This series of releases comprises of L Travo’sErring and Errant‘ LP, Big Ben Tribe’s ‘Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights‘ 12″, and Victriola’sMaritime Tatami” 12″. Each release has been remastered for vinyl by renowned tech genius George Horn.

L Travo is the brainchild of Belgian Patrick Bollen who takes his inspiration from acts such as Joy Division and The Cocteau Twins. ‘Erring and Errant’ was originally released in 1985. The reissue will contain 3 bonus songs that were released on a LP produced by Luc Van Acker in 1984.


The second release comes from Big Ben Tribe, an Italian disco trio with a signature sound of a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg synth, LinnDrumm, Alembic Bass, and a Fender Strat. On ‘Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights‘, guest vocalist Clara Moroni sings about a jungle dream in which she is living with Tarzan.

The final release is the sole product of Italian band Victriola‘Maritime Tatami‘. This 8 minute track makes the most of early 80s synths alongside truly melancholic vocals.

For more information about Dark Entries, check out their official website.