Dansu Discs unveils charity compilation for Mental Health Foundation


The forward thinking electronic music label has revealed a new seven track release in support of a charity close to their hearts. The compilation features tracks from a number of up and coming producers including R.Kitt, Parish, Interplanetary Criminal and Max Wyatt and is available to download online now with donations highly encouraged. 

The label have described the release as follows…

"We are extremely excited to announce for our next release we will be working with and supporting a charity extremely close to our hearts – The Mental Health Foundation. The Mental Health Foundation is one of the UK’s leading charity’s in mental health. This charity works with people from all walks of life helping them understand, protect and sustain their mental well being. They live and breathe by the motto – “The social challenge of our time is to reverse the growing level of mental ill health.” Due to the high increase of this in modern day society and especially today’s music industry, we found it fitting that this charity would be the perfect basis to raise and give back for something we all must not take for granted. 

For DSD013 we bring to you a ‘name your price’ donation based album jam packed with music that will keep you dancing in aid of this important cause. 100% of the proceeds made will be donated every month. We are extremely grateful to have 7 amazingly talented artists volunteer their material for you guys to enjoy and raise as much money as you can! Make sure to lock in and feel free to donate whatever you feel, anything will be highly appreciated." 

Listen to clips below: 

Grab the compilation HERE