Danny Brown Talks Influences With The Needle Drop In New Video


Danny Brown has received widespread critical acclaim throughout the year for the release of his latest album titled "Atrocity Exhibition" on Warp Records. As a poster boy for modern day hip hop and the diversity which exists within the genre he has shot to fame collaborating with a vast array of talent including the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and Paul White. 

Anthony Fantano, who is regarded as one of the internet's busiest online music geeks and a video blogger for The Needle Drop, sat down with the highly sought after and often controversial rapper to talk influences, roots, jail, Fred Durst and more. With a little help of Skype of course.  

Rather surprisingly the three way call sees them joined by none other than The Streets, Mike Skinner, who then guides the conversation down a whole new line of narrative. Grills, Christmas jumpers and beyond…

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